Solving real problems for real people.

Design thinking is an approach to problem solving that addresses challenges at their deepest level. As we tackle any issue, we realize we may not have all the right answers, but we strive to ask all the right questions—the ones that get to the root of the problem and help us find a real solution.


Your needs and challenges will never stop changing, so we’ll never stop asking, “Why?” and “What if?” We never stop searching for the next solution because our customers expect it from us.


“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill bit,” says Harvard Business School Professor Theodore Levitt. “They want a quarter-inch hole.”This quote perfectly sums up our design thinking philosophy. Anybody can build a widget and stick it into your application. But not everyone cares enough to dig beneath that request to understand that, maybe, the real need is for an automated process that makes yet another widget unnecessary.Our mantra is “Ask. Understand. Deliver.” Until we get to the root of your challenges, we can’t fully help you—so we keep asking until we understand.


We want you to have a great user experience with clean designs and easy-to-use features—this is why we take time to work with commercial bankers in branch, watching how they interact with our platform. But design thinking is about more than the look and feel of your app or site.Design thinking touches everything we do—from our implementation process, to the way we connect with partners at tradeshows. It’s an authentic, empathic approach to learning that results in equally authentic and empathic experiences—for our customers and for your account holders.


Your account holders are on a financial journey. Make it amazing.

One bad experience can wreck a journey–but if we can help you improve your account holders’ journeys, they’ll want you with them every step of the way. This is why it’s crucial that we design experiences with your—and their—needs in mind. It’s why we’ve made problem solving a core competency and empathy primary to our company culture.

Deliver experiences based on research

Visitors to your digital branch deserve simple, relevant, and tailored experiences. We’ve built an in-house research center manned by usability experts to ensure their needs, preferences, and expectations are met.


Get ahead of problems

Don’t let entitlements or compliance issues wreck a business relationship. Make it easy for commercial clients to set up and automatically test permissions before any compliance or transactional issues can occur.

Understand and meet needs

It’s not enough just to make savings account available. Understand account holders’ needs and wants through data analytics and machine learning—then offer them goal-based savings tailored to their journey.


Address problems from every angle

When card fraud occurs, make self-service disputes simple and hassle-free. But don’t stop there; give them a way to automatically update new card info for their favorite online vendors and subscription services.

Our commitment to design thinking is just one aspect of what makes Q2 different. Learn more about what sets us apart and how we can help you reach, surpass, and redefine your goals.