It’s your legacy that

Legacy financial technology has blocked innovation for too long. The market is hungry for new solutions, pricing structures and experiences.

Legacy financial technology has blocked innovation for too long. The market is hungry for new solutions, pricing structures and experiences.

Whether you’re a team of developers building your first application or a brand engaged in expanding your portfolio, you need back-end technology that’s easy to work with and empowers you to do what you’re best at—creating amazing digital experiences.

Start building today.

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Compete in a disrupted space.

Companies like yours have disrupted the lending market with digital, on-demand loan services, instant approval, and faster access to cash. They’ve gained a foothold, but to effectively compete with highly capitalized banks, fintechs need ways to scale compliantly, continuously transform, and meet customer demands.


No one wants to fill out forms. They want streamlines mobile experiences that take mere minutes to complete.


A lot of borrowers choose non-FI lenders—even at higher interest rates—because they're fast and convenient.


When borrowers need money, they need it now. Deliver crucial funds more quickly than the competition.


Lending doesn’t have to be hard. Simplify your staff and your customers’ experience with automated origination, underwriting, servicing and more—all within a single end-to-end solution.

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Quickly create new loan products to immediately meet market and regulatory needs. Make it happen with configurable lending solutions.


Approve and fund loans immediately without sacrificing compliance or creating credit risk—with automation and clearly defined, easy-to-follow credit guidelines.


Offer banking services without being a bank.

Don’t let outdated tech or compliance concerns stop you from building financial services products. Offer bank accounts, debit cards, and payments solutions without being a bank—or being forced to navigate banks’ legacy core processors and regulatory hurdles.


Convenience is the new loyalty. Streamline transactions and create better, faster experiences and you’ll be rewarded with deeper engagement.


Rewards can go a long way toward building loyalty. Cost-effective technology can help you offer rewards or better rates while maintaining your margins.


Consumers want to be understood. Easily and quickly build and deploy services that fit their needs and expectations.


Legacy tech put banking services out of the reach of non-banks for too long—but a modern, lightweight core processor makes it possible, quick, and cost effective.


By offering “save and spend” products like debit cards and savings accounts, you can open up new revenue streams, drive more margin, and deepen customer engagement.


Form partnerships and explore business models that allow you to offer banking services without the regulatory lift required of financial institutions.